Casting Notice 

we, the invisibles by Susan Soon He Stanton 

Unexpected Stage seeks a diverse cast for “we, the invisibles.” Auditions will take place on the afternoon of Sunday, March 1st, and are by invitation only. Please submit your resume and headshot to casting@unexpectedstage.org We look forward to meeting you! 


In 2011, the director of the International Monetary Fund was accused of sexual assault by a hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo, but all charges were dismissed. we, the invisibles introduces hotel workers like Diallo who have come to New York from all over the globe. This play is an investigation in the form of a docu-drama of the complicated relationship between the movers and shakers and the people who change their sheets.

Character Breakdown:

This is truly an ensemble show. Most actors in we, the invisibles play multiple roles, from 11-18 characters each, and may quickly switch into different roles sometimes within scenes. 

Actor 1-Male, Any Age, roles include catering server from Hawaii, Chinese Housekeeper, Chinese Sous Chef, Law & Order Detective, Drag Queen and more

Actor 2-Female, Any Age, roles include Aida – Uniform Room Attendant from Kosovo, Cocktail Waitress and Model from Vermont, Housekeeper, British Reporter and more

Actor 3-Male, 30s-60s, roles include Dominique Strauss Kahn, Gerard Depardieu, Jewish Mystic, Colombian Ex-Lawyer, Internet Troll,  28/38-Year-Old- British Man and more

Actor 4-Male, Any Age, roles include Dishwasher from Ghana, Dominican Security Guard, Bengali Busser, Norwegian, Liberian bartender, Ice T – Law & Order, Detective Halk, Cyrus Vance – District Attorney and more

Actor 5-Female, Any Age, roles include Nafissatou Diallo, Puerto Rican Chef, Engineer, from the Bronx, Bengali Busser and more

Actor 6-Female, Any Age, roles include Nepalese Uniform, Attendant, Nepalese Security Guard, Catering dude from Hawaii, Vietnamese HR worker, Jewish Mystic’s Wife; Male Detective, Tibetan Housekeeper and more

Susan–Narrator, 20s-30s, Hawaiian

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